Ladies have you ever noticed you can't seem to get your hair to look quite right on Wednesdays?  You always seem to have those dark circles under your eyes, or that favorite pair of jeans just doesn't look the same on you as it did on Saturday?

There's a reason. It's called Wednesday!

Yep, according to new research done by Cosmo women supposedly look their worst on Wednesdays, especially at 3:30pm. That is the time each week when women are said to look their oldest.

Three crucial factors are working against ladies on Wednesdays according to the study:

Stress: 1 in 10 women reported Wednesday as being the most stressful day of the week.

Alcohol: Any booze consumed over the weekend takes 72 hours to show its effects. Welcome to Wednesday gals!

Lack of sleep: Over a third of women reported Monday as their most sleepless night. Guess what? The effect of not getting enough rest can take 48 hours to show up, making Wednesday the day you are going to look tired and haggard.

If you are planning a big night on the town, better not shoot for Wednesday if it all possible. And please remember to cut yourself some slack on Wednesdays when you're not looking or feeling your best.