This is no yolk, Omlet is a British company that creates products for people who keep chickens as pets. After a number of inquiries from worried owners whose chickens roam about freely, (particularly at dusk), the company created a new product line meant to help chickens, cross the road- -safely.

The reflective bibs are marketed as High Vis Chicken Jackets and come in bright pink and yellow. They are designed to protect the birds from motorists during busy traffic times.

The waterproof, breathable jackets fit over the chickens wings and fasten in front with a velcro closure. The jackets may also offer an unexpected bonus, a measure of protection against fox attacks, according to one company official.

So far about 200 have been sold with bright pink outselling bright yellow by almost two to one.

Chicken in pink High Vis jacket courtesy of

So the question is not, "why did the chicken cross the road?", but "did the chicken cross the road safely and in style?"!

Something tells me this is not going to go over big with local poultry producers, but Martha Stewart may be interested.