2014 is shaping up to be another year where movies are released! Some of them in the spring and others in the summer. And, oddly enough, I want to see some of those movies.

In April, the Halloween costume company Marvel, releases their new movie Captain America Colon The Winter Soldier. Which I just found out is NOT a sequel to Captain Phillips about Tom Hanks fighting off a band of international ice smugglers while on one of those Alaskan cruises. Anyways, the trailer looks cool.

Along with sequels, the summer movie season is the time of remakes. This year the studios are taking a chance on a remake of the classic 1998 American independent film based on a Taco Bell cup, Jurassic Park 2 and a Half: This Time The Monster is Female and Pregnant, Crazy Right?. This modern interpretation is going by the name Godzilla and has enlisted the help of the dad from that show. And in an unusual Hollywood turn, the plot is centered on a disaster of some sort.

In July, a movie comes out that tells the story of science gone bad and the rise of a an evil genies. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tells the tale of the super intelligent simian Mojo Jojo and his life long battle for the affection of his estranged creator Professor Utonium, I think. Or may be about Mr. Furley's time in the circus. Either way it looks awesome.

And finally Guardian's of the Galaxy comes out in August. It looks pretty neat, and you know it'll be fun because they remix a classic rock song for the trailer. Ooga-Chaka indeed!

I can't wait to see all these summer movies this fall when they come out on home video. Until next time this is Ben saying: I'll see you at the closed movie balcony.