This is going to go against everything you've ever been taught. New research says that bellying up to the buffet line might not be such a bad thing after all.

A study by the Mayo Clinic has found that being overweight could actually safe your life!

Doctors have found that overweight and obese people have a lower risk of dying from heart disease than people who are average weight or especially underweight. The study found that underweight people have the highest risk of dying early overall.

Overweight and obese people still have the highest rates of heart disease, but what's strange; they also have the lowest rate of dying from it, and researchers aren't sure why.

They have several possible theories like; maybe overweight people get early treatment for heart disease because they're a known risk, or maybe people genetically prone to gaining weight have stronger hearts. Or maybe all those extra pounds somehow helps you fight a heart attack. They really just don't know.

They do want to remind people that there are still plenty of other health risks that go along with being overweight, so you probably shouldn't plan on putting on an extra 100 unsightly pounds with the hope of avoiding a fatal heart attack.

But feel free to have seconds on dessert tonight.