The second weekend in December is upon us and that can only mean one thing - holiday office parties!

When I first came across this info I was concerned:

In a recent survey of more than two-thousand American workers, 64-percent say they have either called in sick, or know someone who has done so the day after a holiday office party.

That's terrible - those poor people pout having fun getting sick in the process.  Was it all of those germs, maybe food poisoning, mad cow?  Nope.

The reason: hangovers.

Half of the people who said they went to work the day after the party said they were hungover or knew someone who was.


Fifty-five percent of those who went to work admitted to checking-out mentally, and some admitted to putting off work or leaving work early the day after a holiday office party.

Boy don't I feel like an idiot.  Should have seen that one coming.  Be careful - and smart - out there this weekend.  And if you have to call in sick Monday, good luck getting anyone to believe you!