Two evolutionary researchers had been studying and filming primates being raised in captivity and were astonished when they witnessed the chimps swimming and diving. Humans and apes have to learn to swim and do not possess natural swimming capabilities, as do most mammals.

Primates were thought to have lost this skill long ago and have been considered frightened of water.  Zoos often use water moats to confine primates and many have drowned when attempting to cross the enclosures.

Cooper, one of the chimps has become somewhat of an internet star because his owners have posted numerous videos of him swimming and recently diving.  This is somewhat of a compilation video as you can see him grow from a cute little guy into the larger chimp he is now.

The research aspect is fascinating to me, but what happens when Cooper becomes a full grown chimpanzee and, if you’ll pardon the expression- - “goes all ape” and tears someone else’s face off?

I will always contend that wild animals, no matter how adorable they are when small, will always be wild animals, and in my thinking; it is not fair to attempt to domesticate them.