How Many Of Us Fly? And Where Do We Go?
We do love to fly.
Oh, we do love to climb into those soaring tubes and head on off to....well, anywhere I guess.
It seems like flying is one of those things where almost everyone has a minor (or not so minor) horror story to relate...
Stay Healthy, Take A Window Seat
Ah, finally a few days off. You're going to hop a plane and head for Sin City...or Orlando...or anywhere but here. You deserve a few days off, its been brutal at work, no matter if that work is in an office, on the farm or trucking down the highway...
What do you think?
Can Airlines Refuse to Let You Onboard Because of How You Dress?
By: Mike Adams |  3 hours ago
Even though a busy airport is likely one of the most popular places to see a lot of interesting people dressed to their full potential in self-expression, some airlines are now calling in the …