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Will That Be Talking or Non-Talking?
I saw a story on the Associated Press that got me to thinking. If cell phone use on airplanes is expanded by the FAA, does that mean the loud-mouth jerks who talk loudly on their phones in stores will be allowed on airplanes, too?
This is What It’s Like Not Having a Phone These Days
One time two years ago, some skeezebag stole our phone right out of our purse. For three months we were phone-less. So, we feel fairly well qualified to testify that this video, about what it's like to be surrounded by friends with smartphones when you don't have one, is pretty much spot o…
Germs on Your Cellphone
Okay, I might have creeped you out a while back when I wrote about germs that could be on your office coffee cup. You know, the one you've been meaning to wash.
Well, I saw a story today about germs on cellphones. Right--the cellphone you keep with you all the time, even in the bathroom (you kno…

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