cute animals

Chew toy!
This is a photo of Zeus (my male German Shepherd) nibbling on my kitty Cece Pea! My BFF Georgie took it in the kitchen on Wednesday night. She's the one who gave it the great title!
I don't know why these two can't get along all the time...
This kitty thinks it is a puppy! Actually my mom had a cat that would play fetch for hours. I have a tortoise shell cat named Cece Pea who used to do this before I acquired  two giant monster German Shepherds. Enjoy!
According to a new study on canine behavior, tail chasing is very similar to obsessive-compulsive behavior in humans. This study indicated that dogs who are separated from their mothers too soon may suffer from this problem and that supplementing their diets with vitamins and minerals may help...
Cat Huggy Bear!
I don't know if its 'cause its a Monday, 'cause I love my own critters so much, or 'cause I'm such a pushover for cute animals, but here's another cute video for you.