Who Would You Grant Knighthood to in America?
I was in a discussion about music with a couple associates recently and somehow the topic turned to Bryan Adams.

Yes, the Bryan Adams of “Cuts Like a Knife” fame. Bazillion records sold. Worldwide fame, etc. The dubious assertion was made that, in fact, Bryan Adams had been knighted.
Can Oprah Make You Cry?
She is no stranger to the weight battle, and one of the most talented people alive at relating a message. Oprah has been extremely honest about her up and down journey throughout her life.
Oprah released her first commercial for Weight Watchers since buying 10 percent of the weight loss company back …
Oprah’s New Investment
One of the worlds most successful women, has decided to invest and take partial ownership of a way to help people all over the world lose weight.
David Letterman and Lindsay Lohan Prank Called Oprah on Air
Lindsay Lohan hit the 'Late Show With David Letterman' last night, and the pair inevitably prank called Oprah (as one does), a gag that could have gone in a very different reaction if Winfrey wasn't so damn wise. Seriously, don't try to pull the wool over Oprah's eyes. She k…

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