Everybody is always on the prowl for the latest, greatest, easiest diet craze. Last week I stumbled across some tips you can use to trick yourself into eating less in an attempt to drop those unwanted pounds. Off the wall things like; don't let the foods on your plate touch, eating with your non-dominant hand, and eating off a blue plate.

Believe it or not, all those things are supposed to help you lose weight.

You can now add "counting the number of your bites" to that list as well.

Yep, forget counting calories, the in thing now is counting the number of bites of food you take during a meal.

Researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina have found the magic number of bites a person must take to lose weight is 100 in a day.

Men eat an average of 17 calories per bite and women eat an average of 11. So at 100 bites, that means men would eat roughly 1,700 calories and women 1,100. Those are low enough amounts to lose weight but high enough to keep your metabolism going.

Researchers say you should also chew each bite 10 to 20 times, and avoid taking calories you don't have to bite.

There goes that soda, milkshake, or gravy diet you were planning. The good news however, the chocolate cake diet is still in play. Just make sure you keep it to 100 bites and you should be fine, right?