I don't know what to make out of all these new-fangled weight loss ideas these days.

Yesterday I came across a story how you could lose weight playing the game "Tetris." Now today I read the hottest new diet craze is "tapping on your face to lose weight." Huh?

There's a new book by author Jessica Ortner out called "Tapping For Weight Loss", and it claims you can lose weight just by tapping your fingers on your face and body.

Wow! Talk about about easy. Think about all the hours you can avoid sweating in some gym or running up a storm around the neighborhood.

Here's how the "Tapping For Weight Loss" diet plan works.

First, when you start to crave something unhealthy, you're supposed to dig down deep to the root of what's bothering you at that exact moment. Are you stressed about money? Work? Your relationship?

Whatever it is. After you have identified the cause of your stress, tap two fingers on nine specific acupuncture pressure points while telling yourself things are going to be alright. Then say something like, "Even though I'm worried how I'm going to be able to pay this months mortgage payment, I accept how I feel and I'm okay."

By the way, the nine pressure points  are: The fleshy part on the side of your hand below the pinky, your eyebrow, next to your eye socket, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, your collarbone, under your arm just below the armpit, and the crown of your head.

Supposedly if you tap each point seven times while telling yourself things are going to be fine, apparently it will kill any craving for junk food you have.

Boy, this sounds way too new-age and ridiculous to me, but according to a clinical study, 89 women tried it and lost an average of 16 pounds in eight weeks.  Oddly enough, all of them managed to keep that weight off six months later.

Who knows? Still sounds kinda kooky to me.

Source: Daily Mail