Alright boys and girls, here is your marketing lesson of the day.  As taught by a twenty two year old.  Taylor Swift is cashing in on her RED Tour and in more ways than one.

If you went to the Taylor Swift show in Omaha you know that she is brilliant when it comes to marketing.  The glasses, the bags, the tee-shirts, the other apparel she was selling. Now, Taylor is doing shoes.  Also!

According to The Boot,

The music superstar is already affiliated with Keds, having released a special "Red" shoe in conjunction with her album of the same last year. Now, she has launched an entire line with Keds Champion Sneakers, featuring casual shoes with prints including polka dots, paw prints, hearts and stars. Some pairs come with a guitar pick charm.

Taylor Swift has it going on.  She's beautiful, talented and s-m-a-r-t!