Want a significant other or spouse that you can trust implicitly? Find someone who listens to rap music then.

Oddly enough, rap music listeners are the most monogamous of all music lovers according to a new survey.

I find that hard to believe since the majority of all rap music seems to mention how important it is to get-it-on with as many ladies as possible. I guess that message isn't sinking in with the average rap music listener.

If you're worried about hooking up with someone that is going to cheat on you, avoid rock music lovers at all costs. All that devil music must be causing people to stray evidently.

Pop music fans aren't much better. 26% of them are likely to cheat according to the study. Followed by country music listeners at 11%.  Now you'd think with all the lyrical content about cheating in country music, those fans would top the list. Not the case. Go figure!

Here's how the rest of music lover's stack up when it comes to their chances of be unfaithful in a relationship:

  • 7% of classical music lovers are likely to step out.
  • 5% of R& B fans.
  • 3% of gospel listeners
  • And finally, the most loyal group of the bunch, rap listeners at 2%. (That's still a head scratcher if you ask me.)

Source: Daily Mail