When you reach a certain age (say, for example, my age) you see people on television or the movies and say to yourself, "Self, that person looks familiar, but I just can't place him/her".

And so it was when I saw the Farmers Insurance commercials over and over and over.  That guy who plays the "Professor" sure looks familiar. But who is that dude?

Well, I was able to untangle the "web" of mystery.

He was the guy in the Spider Man movies! I mean, the Spider Man movies that Toby Maguire starred in (for you younger folks, that would be the old ones). Yep, he was Peter Parker's boss at the newspaper, a big supporting role. Mystery solved!

And then I find out this guy has had tons of roles and in fact was nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for his role in a movie called Whiplash.

His name is J.K. Simmons and you may also know him for roles in Law & Order, Oz, The Closer and several other television and movie roles. Geez, this guy has been all over my TV!