Usually TV in the Summer is pretty lackluster because most of my favorite shows are on hiatus, but this Summer is looking up.

'Girl Meets World' finally set a premiere date (June 27th on Disney Channel) and now the kids from 'Breaking Amish' are back in a new TLC series entitled, 'Return To Amish.'

Sabrina, Kate, Rebecca, Abe, and my least favorite, Jeremiah will all be back to show us what they've been up to since they left Florida and returned home.

A few shocks are in store as Rebecca and Sabrina are both pregnant! Say what?

If Sabrina's baby is Jeremiah's I'm going to be so upset.  I just don't like him and didn't understand what Sabrina saw in him in the first place.

Members of Abe's family are back, as seen in the clip.

This season is sure to be full of ups and downs! Can't wait!

The new series debuts Sunday, June 1 on TLC.

My DVR is already set!