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If you're one of these ladies that believe you carry around your world in your purse, you might be right! 

According to a new survey from Daily Mail, the average woman is carrying around thousands of dollars worth of items in her purse every day.

The survey found the average purse costs around $400. That seems a little high to me. Do they think every woman is carrying around a Coach or a Dooney & Bourke these days?  

Okay, now think about all of the stuff you've got packed into that thing and what each item is worth. Chances are you probably have sunglasses, a smart phone, iPad, makeup, gloves, scarf, and hopefully a wallet if there's any room left? I can see why so many ladies consider there bag to be their best friend.

There are supposedly twelve things every woman should have in her purse according to the experts. Let’s see how many of these items are currently in your bag at the moment.

  • 1

    Hand Sanitizer

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  • 2

    Safety Pins/Sewing Kit

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  • 3

    Hair Items

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  • 4


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  • 5

    Notepad and Pen

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  • 6

    Lighter and Matches

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  • 7

    Cash (At least $20.00)

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  • 8

    A Compact

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  • 9

    Tampon or Pad

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  • 10

    Gum or Breath Mints

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  • 11

    A Snack

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  • 12

    Lipstick or Lip Gloss

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