Gary John Norman/Getty Images

If you or someone you know suffers from road rage, or sudden uncontrollable outbursts of rage, maybe you won't for much longer.

Help could be on the way in the form of an aspirin.

People who have recurring, uncontrollable bouts of rage may have a condition called intermittent explosive disorder. And a new study out of the University of Chicago and the University of Colorado has linked that disorder to inflammation in the body.

The research found by taking an anti-inflammatory drug, like a simple aspirin, might actually de-flame your rage too.

Maybe you should test out that theory by popping a couple of Bayer the next time you need to tackle 41st Street during rush hour, or if you need to head to the mall on a Saturday afternoon?

Or the next time you need to talk to a bill collector, or when you receive one of those dreaded telemarketer calls.

The question becomes, how long does it take for the aspirin to take effect? It's not like you can plan for a call from a pesky telemarketer.

Oh yeah, as for whether you have intermittent explosive disorder or you're just a plain a-hole, that remains to be seen. I guess if you take an aspirin and it helps, you'll know.

Researchers say roughly one in three people with rage issues have intermittent explosive disorder.