Having a tough time finding a date these days? Maybe it's because you're the middle child of the family.

It seems like the middle child is always the one that ends up getting the short end of the stick. Think about it, the middle child gets all the hand me downs from the firstborn, and often times ends up living in the shadow of the firstborn while in school. Plus the middle child never seems to get the same amount of attention that the eldest child and the baby of the family receive from mom and dad.The middle child is often labeled the weird one. The outcast, the black sheep of the family.

Yep, there's no denying being the middle child can be a curse at times! Here's another reason why.

Middle children have the hardest time finding relationships online according to a new survey.

Researchers recently looked at 7.6 million online dating profiles, and divided them up according to whether the person was the oldest sibling in the family, the youngest, or the middle child. What they found was the oldest child was more likely to find a relationship. And the middle child was the least likely.

Firstborn kids with just one sibling were about 6% MORE likely to find a relationship online. Firstborn kids with two siblings are 5% more likely to find a relationship, and for the oldest of four, it was almost 10%.

Meanwhile, the baby of the family is 2 to 3% LESS likely to find love online. Which leaves us with the middle child.

Middle children have the toughest time of all the siblings hooking up online according to the study. Middle kids are 5 to 7% LESS likely to find a relationship online than their older or younger siblings.

Source: Daily Mail