The secret to a happy marriage is finally out, and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with spending a bunch of quality time together.

The key to having a happier marriage is having a husband who is a workaholic!

That’s right, if you want to have a happier marriage, you must first find a man who is not afraid to work long hours, sometimes in excess of 50 hours each week according to a new survey.

Research out of the University of Texas has revealed that women are the happiest in their marriage when they have a husband who works long hours and makes more money. No real surprise about the money part huh?

Making more money allows you to have nicer things, but more importantly, it means you can afford to have things like a maid. And evidently, being able to afford a "maid" is the real key to having a happier marriage.


The study showed that having a maid gives the wife more time to exercise and stay healthy. Her healthy body makes both her and her husband happier. This translates into harmony in the home.

Just a bit of advice ladies,  make sure you don't get yourself a drop dead gorgeous maid. If your husband catches her wandering around the house carrying a feather duster and a Hoover on a frequent basis, that just might suck a little of the "happy" out of the marriage in a hurry!

Oh yeah, you should also know, the study found the effect isn't reversed. When a wife works long hours, it doesn't lead to a happier marriage. It supposedly only works when a man is putting in overtime.