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Welcome to the most depressing, negative day of the year!

I say this, not because we are going to see -40 below wind chills as this arctic blast keeps a stranglehold on the Sioux Empire over the next couple of days.

This is the most negative day of the year, because it's the first day most everyone goes back to work after the holidays. AND because it's so insanely cold! (Okay, I added the cold part.)

The first Monday after New Year's is traditionally the day of the year when you will see the greatest number of negative comments posted on Twitter and other social media sites.

Why is everyone so depressed today? Well, as I said, it’s the first day back to work for most people after the holidays and when you couple that with the cold weather and having to deal with New Year's resolutions, some of which you may have already broken, you get the most depressing, negative day of the year!

Over the past three years, researchers have examined the millions of comments left on Twitter and other social media on the first Monday after the New Year. The majority of the comments posted were negative and depressing. 

Oh, if you're wondering, the two days of the year that people are the least miserable according to the study, that would be Christmas and Christmas Eve.

If they would have asked me that question, I'd have to say July 1st and 2nd.

Let’s be honest, nobody has ever had to run outside multiple times to let their car warm up on those two days!

Stay warm and try to smile today. After all, it’s supposed to be in the lower 30's in Sioux Falls by Friday.

See something positive to post on social media today.