Things are getting a little crazy in Colorado. Colorado is a pot friendly state and now lawmakers are trying to figure out how to institute THC limit laws in an effort to reduce drugged driving by 10% in 2015. THC is the fun juice in marijuana that gives ya the buzz. Advocates and pro-limit supporters agree people shouldn't drive impaired, the debate is over what should be used as proof of impairment. Those opposed to the law claim regular users develop a tolerance and that impairment varies by person, leading to wrongful DUI charges if the bill is passed. Those in favor of the THC limit claim driving high is no different than driving drunk. There currently is no way to measure just how "High" someone is. So after some research I have developed this handy law enforcment aid that I call 'THE STONER SCALE'

The -4- Progressive Levels of Highness

4- The Twinkie – You are just getting your buzz on
3- The HR Puff-N-Stuff – Your so stoned old Saturday morning cartoons seem to be talked directly to you.
2- Hawaii Five-O – You are so paranoid you swear your dog has called the cops.
1- The Dumpling – Stick a fork in ya, you're done.