Christmas, blah blah, blah. Look, we all pretend that those creepy stop motion Christmas specials are not creepy...or just plain weird. And you've made your way through all the other usual specials with their trees and forced cheer and roast beasts and whatever. I know you need something new, a new tradition! Well, my friend you are in luck because I have just what you need to make the holidays merry again! This is the only Christmas special you need to watch: Mystery Science Theater: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

For those that may not be a member of the not-so-secret society of Misties, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an old TV show about a guy that is forced to watch bad movies with his robot pals and as they do they make jokes. It's that simple and it is sublime.

YouTube/Best Brains

Christmastime is the perfect time to break out the episode of the show when Joel (the guy) and the bots (the robot pals) watch and riff on a 1964 movie about Santa conquering the Martians. Hence the clever title.

Real quick: The movie is about how the kids on Mars are sad, the parents of Mars want to make them happy so they kidnap Santa from Earth so he can be Santa on you do. Here are some highlights.

The episode also included the classic Christmas carol Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!

And Tom Servo's (he's one of the aforementioned bots) Christmas essay: A Child's Christmas in Space

Ahh Joy!

So go ahead and watch the same old same old yuletide specials, I will be rooting for St. Nick to again defeats the evil forces of Mars and bring cheer to all the planets in our solar system. Movie Sign!