Okay, okay, so the perfect hard-boiled egg may not be important to everyone, but as a person who loves to cook and has mastered many very complicated cuisines, it is the one thing that always eludes me!!! They either come out rubbery, with that weird, alien-looking green ring, or they're impossible to peel without the aid of a jackhammer! So here, (according to numerous sources) is the way to make a perfect hard-boiled egg every time.


  • Place as many eggs as can fit in one layer on the bottom of an empty pot
  • Add cold water until the eggs are covered with about an inch of it
  • Turn stove on medium heat & let water come to a boil
  • When there's a good rolling boil, set your timer for 1 minute & let eggs cook
  • When timer goes off, turn off the heat
  • Move pot to a cold burner & set timer for 15 minutes. The eggs will continue to cook
  • When the timer beeps, run the eggs under cold water for a minute or so before attempting to peel them.  You should have the perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs!

Let me know how it goes.