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Guys if you own stock in Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or any other company that makes "Plain White T-Shirts" get ready to smile!

There's a study out of England that says wearing a simple, plain white T-shirt instantly makes you 12% more attractive to women, than when you're wearing anything else.

WOW, could it be possible that the simplest piece of clothing in your wardrobe arsenal might also be your most effective weapon in reeling in the fairer sex?

What's even more interesting, the more out-of-shape you are, the better the results! And if you're already in good shape, the white t-shirt will only help improve things.

So let's say you're a guy that happens to carry a spare tire around the old mid section. According to this study, the plain white tee is going to work magic on your physique!

Supposedly it makes a man’s shoulders look broader and their waists smaller.

The secret is making sure you wear just a "plain white t-shirt." If you wear a t-shirt with a picture or some kind of writing on the shirt, it seems to lose its magic powers. The writing or photo helps draw attention to your stomach, even if you're in good shape.

I wonder if a stain on a shirt has the same effect?

Somehow I have a hard time imagining a woman getting all weak in the knees over some guy wearing a plain white tee with a big spaghetti sauce stain on it!

Who knows, maybe women find that look really hot these days?