Andrew Paterson/Getty Images

Scientists have a new theory as to why women live longer than men, ready for this? Word has it, men are more "fragile" and we're not talking about our ego's either!

Even though men are larger, thicker and have beefier bodies than women, men are still more fragile according to the study.

The male body just isn't built quite as strong as the female body.

There's speculation that testosterone makes men weaker. There might be something in the Y chromosome that makes men more susceptible to disease. Or it could be as simple as the big ole' hairy Neanderthal body of a man just breaks down a whole lot sooner than the smaller body of a women.

Whatever the reason, research has found that men are more likely to be miscarried as a baby and more likely to die at every single age, not just when they get old. Bottom line, women tend to outlive men at every stage of life.

Who’d thunk it? Men actually are the more fragile sex.

Remember that ladies, be careful with your man, we're delicate, we just might break!