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If you're one of these people that doesn't function properly without a hot Cup of Joe, morning, noon and night, consider yourself lucky that you have a coffee addiction.

New research out of the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research has found that coffee does more than improve your alertness.

The study found that it is good for you to drink exactly four cups of coffee each and every day. No more. No less. Ok, maybe a little less, but not too much less.

Drinking four cups of coffee has big time benefits, because the chemical compound in coffee can help decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes. But wait, there's more! It can even help you lose weight.

Just remember, the secret is four cups of coffee. Anything less than four cups and you don't get the full health benefits.

What happens if you drink more than four cups each day? The researchers found you actually begin to see negative effects on your health and a better risk of gaining weight.