The 'Step Up' movie franchise is getting another installment!

'Step Up: All In' is set to hit theatres this Summer.  July 25th to be exact.

It brings back some old favorites.  The girl from the second movie and the guy from the third one.  Names are escaping me at the moment.

But of course, Moose is there! Moose is all that really matters.  Well, actually I'd love it if Channing Tatum came back for a cameo, but I don't think that is going to happen.  A girl can dream.

This movie looks pretty cool.  Set in Las Vegas, the crew battles to get their own show on the Vegas strip.

I know these movies are pretty cheesy and predictable, but you can count on a great soundtrack and some killer dance numbers.  I'll be in the theatre with my popcorn for sure!

Oh, and Twitch is back too! SYTYCD!

One last thing, what is up with the yellow mannequin?