What's the hookie ratio been like in your workplace lately?

With all the nice, mild, summer weather we've been experiencing lately in the Sioux Empire, I have a feeling many offices are probably as populated as a Stephen A. Smith fan club is with women at the moment.

If you've noticed a number of people that have been calling in sick with the sniffles lately, you should know it's not just happening in your office. The summer "I don't want to work today bug" is going around at the moment.

There's no doubt that the summer months can take their toll on workplace productivity and a person's work ethic.

A new survey recently showed that at least 14% of people fully admit they've faked an illness to spend a day in the nice weather or go on a little summer day getaway.

Overall, three out of four people say they're less productive at work during the summer months than they are the rest of the year.

Who knew the cure for a migraine headache was to spend the afternoon on the golf course, right?

Just remember, the next time a coworker calls in sick on a nice July or August afternoon, there's a pretty good chance they're faking it.