Do you know what you'll be doing on the evening of Friday, November 9th? That's the night "Skyfall" the brand new James Bond movie opens nationwide.

I happen to be a huge James Bond fan and I've asked my wife to take one for the team and join me for a date night with Bond, James Bond. Needless to say, she sounded less than thrilled with the proposition.

I'm sure right now she's working on a myriad of excuses to try to get out of it. You know, coming up with things like; oh, darn it, that's my night to rearrange the silverware drawer. Or, I would love too, but I was planning on creating a window display on home safety that evening. Then, I'll say, "but honey, Bond was just voted the Most Influential Man of the Year, we gotta go!"

Yeah, who am I kidding, that's not going to work. Looks like I'll have to drag out the ol' sure I'll be more than happy to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey with you again card. Or, yes, I'd love to forgo watching football this Sunday, in favor of taking pictures of the autumn colors with you in the park.

What the hell am I thinking? I'll just call up my friend Bob and ask him if he wants to go with me instead. It's Bond and football for crying out loud! I'm a Dolphins fan. There are only 16 games; we never go to the playoffs!