Guys, if you want to avoid incurring the wrath of the women in your life, never say the following. According to a new survey these are the 10 worst things you can possibly say to a woman:

  • 1

    Asking "When's the baby due?"

    Just one problem, she's not pregnant. Yikes!

  • 2

    Answering "Yes" when she asks if these jeans make her butt look big?

    Answering "yes" to that question, is a great way to earn a few nights sleeping on the couch.

  • 3

    "You look tired."

    Say that, and you'll wish you'd never got out of bed that day.

  • 4

    "Calm down."

    Say that, and you won't be "getting down" anytime soon!

  • 5

    "Do you need help parking?"

    Asking that is a guaranteed "parking pass" right into the doghouse!

  • 6

    "You look more and more like your mother every day."

    Just pray she doesn't start acting like her mother too.

  • 7

    "I told you so."

    I told ya.

  • 8

    "How much did you pay for that hairdo?"

    Ask that question, and the next thing out of your mouth better be: "It wasn't enough, because you look fantastic!"

  • 9

    "Should you really be eating that?"

    "Are you sure you're brave enough to ask that?"

  • 10

    "Don't you have some vacuuming to do?"

    The only man that can get away with asking that question to a woman, is a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman.