Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue searched for the bodies of two people that jumped into the Falls to rescue a child who had fallen into the water Thursday evening at Falls Park. The child was rescued and is safe. The man, Lyle Eagle Tail, and the boys sister, Madison Leigh Wallace, went in after him and heroically saved him. Madison's body was recovered on Friday afternoon. As of Friday evening, Eagle Tail remains missing. Ice, foam and 32-degree rushing water continue to make recovery efforts very difficult.


Two people are dead after a crash in front of Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood, Iowa.  The accident happened just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Charles Rice and Kristin Loudermilk, both from Sioux Falls, were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the semi, Randy Gergen, was not injured.


While most people in Garretson slept early Monday morning, two young men were out on a joyride in a stolen Cadillac suspected of damaging numerous vehicles, mailboxes and at least two businesses, according to the sheriff’s office. Both fled the stolen car in the morning once it was no longer drivable. In all, 10 hit and runs were reported.



Employees of Shopko at the Arrowhead Parkway reported a man entering the restroom Thursday afternoon with DVD's in his pants. If your idea of a fun night is stuffing the last copy of Porky's down your overalls, you might be a redneck...


I know you are but what am I? According to Argus911, police responded to Billy Frogs on Wednesday to find a man celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early by wearing a leprechaun hat and teasing the bartender. The disorderly subject was removed from the bar. I hope he sobered up and returned to his daycare...


Sioux Falls Police are planning a saturation patrol Saturday to be on the lookout for drunk drivers. Several extra officers will be on patrol from the St. Patrick's parade downtown Sioux Falls until the wee morning hours. A shamrock on your cheek, an ill-fitting "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt, and a pint of Guinness in a holster really makes you an easy target. Please...don't do it. Get a ride.


SDSU fans stormed the court in a sea of blue after the Summit League Championship game at the Sioux Falls Arena with a win over the North Dakota Bison. We wish them the best of luck as they head into the NCAA tournaments.


Pitbulls always seem to get a bad rap...but I really wish these 2 dogs would have behaved a little better.  Four people were attacked by two pitbulls on Monday in the 13th and Williams area of Sioux Falls. The dogs were up-to-date with shots but the owner was cited. Three of the victims went to the hospital to be treated for injuries.


According to Argus911, Police responded to S. Summit Avenue Monday for an intoxicated male subject peeing on an air conditioner unit. I'm guessing it wasn't a window unit...


Viral Video of the Week: The most-viewed video of the week was clearly Jeff Gordon's Test Drive, but coming in a close second was kids reacting to adults doing the Harlem Shake. I guess kids react the same way most adults do, especially Krischelle at :28 seconds into the video pretty much sums it up.