It seems like they are developing an app for almost everything these days you know it?

As you may have discovered by now, this year's holiday movies are amazingly long. Take for instance:

  • Spielberg's Lincoln at 150 minutes
  • And the Hobbit is also a little lengthily at 169 minutes.

So how does the average movie goer survive such a long flick with an extra large soda in tow?

Introducing the “Run Pee app” to the rescue!

The Run Pee app helps moviegoers know when it's save to make a run for the can---without missing a critical or very entertaining part in the movie.

I guess the Run Pee app allows users to sync their smartphones to the beginning of the movie. Then, when your phone begins to vibrate, you can safely sprint to the john and take a whiz without missing much of the movie.

Boy, I could have used that technology back in the 80's when I first saw the movie Scarface. I've had relationships that were shorter than that movie!