Summer is right around the corner ladies, well at least that's what the calendar says anyway.

And if you're trying to figure out the easiest way to fit into that new summer bikini or cute pair of shorts you just bought, but you feel like you need to drop a few pounds first. There's always the dieting and exercise route. Or maybe you might want to give the breakup weight loss plan a shot?

Nothing will kickstart a weight loss plan quite like getting dumped.

If you want to lose those unwanted pounds, it's easy, the secret is to just tank your relationship and watch those pounds just melt off.

Two thirds of women will lose weight after their husband or boyfriend ends the relationship.

According to a new study the average woman will lose five pounds within a month of getting dumped.  The study showed that being single does have its weight loss benefits, as 77% of people reported being skinnier when they're not in a relationship.

Here's the deal however, women who initiate the break-up will lose less weight less quickly. Why? Because there's no shock factor to deal with. They've been planning the break-up all along.

Women who end the relationship tend not to be as depressed, therefore their eating habits may not change as much.

Now I wouldn't recommend the break-up weight loss plan myself, especially if you're married. It's going to be much cheaper just to buy a larger size pair of shorts.

Source: Female First