I recently read an article on college majors that will keep your child from becoming a member of the "boomerang generation". If you're not familiar with this term, you're a parent who apparently did something right. The "boomerang generation" is a term which describes the phenomenon of children moving back home, or "re-nesting" after less than successful attempts to make it on their own.

This is a subject I'm very familiar with. Not only do I have friends who have gone through this- - multiple times, but I was a "boomerang kid" long before it was in vogue! I moved back in with my parents after losing a job in my mid-20s and stayed for awhile, quite awhile.

With this in mind, I'll pass along some of the suggestions the article had for majors your kids should pursue in college. Hopefully this will prevent them from moving back in to that room you were going to turn into an office!

  • Nursing - demand is up & over 50% of the current nursing workforce is nearing retirement
  • Elementary Education - again, a large number of teachers will be retiring in the next few years, fueling demand for people with teaching degrees
  • Physical Fitness and Parks & Rec - once again the aging populace is on your side as well as the booming health care industry
  • Finance- Duh!
  • Marketing & Marketing Research - get your kid off of Facebook and into this ever-growing field where they can take their social media skills to a higher level.

Read the complete article here.