For those of you in the dating world, here are some tips that we ran across. We are here to help out.

The dating scene can be quite complex these days. The most complex of all is the first date with that special someone.

If you are going to fail, it's most likely going to happen on that first get together. First dates are nerve wracking by definition, but you can minimize your risk of non success by following first date protocol.

Actually, this is a list of what NOT to do. Here's the top 10 worst first date no-nos:

1. Having your phone out or texting
Nearly one-third say this is so rude, it's a deal-breaker, and women hate it more than men.

2. First date sex
Women are 164 percent more likely than men to say trying to have sex on a first date is unforgivable.

3. Talking about your ex
Seventeen percent say it's best to save stories about your past relationships for a later time. And men and women equally dislike talk about the ex.

4. Being late
If you are more than 15 minutes late, it's not just rude. It's not OK.

5. Being rude to the server
If you are impolite to the server, it is a major red-flag.

6. Drinking too much
One to three drinks is perfect for a first date. Any more than that is too much and could not only ruin the date, but also could be a deal-breaker.

7. Splitting the bill or letting the woman pay
Tradition rules on first dates. Men should pick up the check.

8. Work talk
No matter how impressive your job, don't talk about work.

9. Mother talk
Good or bad, leave your mom out of your first date conversation.

10. Talking about marriage
Whoa! It's way too soon. Men are twice as turned off as women by marriage talk.

Other no-nos and random offenses:

  • Bad breath
  • Not tipping well
  • Talking about yourself too much
  • Being fake or not being yourself
  • Smoking