Like so many others I've been mesmerized by everything Titanic. I can only imagine the horror, fear, and desperation felt by the passengers and crew of the "Unsinkable Ship" as she sank in the icy waters of the Atlantic on that cold April day in 1912.

The musical pig featured in this video was on one of the few lifeboats that floated away from the Titanic as it sank killing over 1500 men, woman, & children. The pig was played for the kids in one of the lifeboats to help block out the screams and cries of those dying in the water around them.

The pig belonged to 32 year old Edith Rosenbaum. She was a 1st class passenger who was in her cabin when the Titanic hit the iceberg that would ultimately sink the ship. She brought it along as a good luck charm.

The musical mechanism inside the pig has been broken for many years. But now the experts at the National Maritime Museum have managed, by using 3 dimensional x-ray scans, to make the pig play again. Their goal in doing this is to see if anyone can identify the tune the pig is playing.

As I listened to the eerie tune I tried to picture what it would have been like to be in one of those lifeboats in the middle of a vast, cold and dark, ocean of stars with floating death all around and that music clinking across the water?  Simply surreal. (SOURCE