I've been sick for pretty much all of November, which means I haven't really been sticking to my usual gym routine.

Two years ago I would have used any excuse to get out of going to the gym, but after I really got myself into a schedule, it was rough missing my gym time.

I actually missed the gym! What the heck is happening to me?

I felt like such a slob just laying around even though I had pneumonia. I felt like I could feel my muscle mass decreasing by the second.

This week I feel better so I was going to try to ween myself back into my gym schedule and see how it goes. I'm not 100% yet, but I feel I could at least get off my couch.

I saw this video on Buzzfeed that reminded me of my old self, but still struck home with me due to my internal struggle I've been having with the gym lately.

Do you have a go to 'get out of the gym' excuse?