Ask anyone and they'll tell you a little bathroom time is important. In some homes you need to cherish every moment you get.

A new survey has just revealed the ruler of the "throne" in most homes, and it will probably come as no big surprise that it's the man of the house.

Yep, it's official, men love their time on the toilet!

Even though men can pee standing up, they spend more time each week sitting on the toilet. On average one hour and 35 minutes per week, or roughly 14 minutes each day.

Compared to women who spend 40 minutes less on the toilet per week, at 55 minutes or only 8 minutes a day.

So what are men doing with all that private time in their "office" besides the obvious?

Most guy's claim that's when they get the majority of their reading done. 86% of the men surveyed say they use their toilet time to read. Versus just 27% of women.

The most common rags that men choose to take with them into the can are; Erotic magazines first, followed by sports biographies, crime novels and men's magazines.

You can also bet that a guy's smart phone or tablet gets a pretty good workout on the toilet too.

Source: Daily Mail