Here's an easy way to start your kids college fund.  Teeth!

Not yours, theirs.  My teeth only were worth about twenty five cents tops.

I can't believe what the Tooth Fairy is forking over these days.  According to the latest survey by Visa Inc that was released today, kids are getting an average of $3.70 per tooth.  Up 23 percent from last year.

But if you figure that your kid will loose all of their baby teeth through the course of adolescence, it doesn't add up to very much.  Twenty teeth at $3.70 each will only bring in $74.00.

Then there is the mom in California who is all about making sure her daughter will regularly brush her teeth by placing a $100 bill under the daughters pillow for her first tooth.  Crazy right?  Not so.  In a story by Huffington Post, for each additional tooth the little girl is guaranteed to get $20 if she brushes her teeth every day after lunch for a month.  Add that up and Caroline will have $480 to start a college fund.

Maybe the grandparents would want to enter the Tooth Fairy business.  Now we're talking car-for-college-fund!