I've had some interesting discussions while driving around Sioux Falls.  Most start with me talking and ending with my wife telling me not to.

It appears that a lot of other folks are having some equally heated debates while in transit.

If you are driving on 41st Street, or any other street for that matter, take a peek at the cars around you.  Chances are if they are involved in a heated discussion these are the Things People Are Most Likely to Argue About in the Car:

1. Getting lost.

2. Speeding.

3. Not asking for directions.

4. Dealing with loud kids in the backseat.

5. The person behind the wheel yelling at other drivers.

6. The temperature.

7. Where to stop for food.

8. The music you want to listen to.

9. What you're talking about, because you want to change the subject.

10. Driving too slowly.

 What was the last thing you argued about in the car?