I've had the honor of being employed in the media bizz for a number of years.  I've made a few observations.  One is that woman are held to a different standard than men.  Woman are first and foremost judged harshly on their appearance.  Guys … not so much.  When I saw this video it just plain made me mad.
  In a special comment that aired on La Crosse, Wisconsin's CBS affiliate WKBT, news anchor/reporter Jennifer Livingston responded to a viewer who wrote in to the station to chide Livingston for not providing "a suitable example for this community's young people, girls in particular," by appearing on television despite being overweight.
  You & I both know there are plenty of jerks in this world.  But now that everyone has internet access they feel they have the right to bully anyone on-line.  These low-rent SOB's wouldn't have the guts to look you in the eye and share their criticism, but cowardice has found a comfy home on the World Wide Web.  Abusive facebook posts, ominous web comments, cruel tweets.  It is time to just knock it off.  We need to do better by our children.  They need to know this kind of conduct is not acceptable.  “Judge not lest ye be judged!”  “Do onto others as you’d have done onto you!”  As my grandma used to say:  “For heavens sake, JUST BE NICE!”