My daughters birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. She requested that we have the "Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal". My mission, and I did choose to except it, is to prepare said meal. So after hours of scouring the internet, consulting family members, and prayerful thought I have put together the "ULTIMATE THANKSGIVING MEAL"! Except for the bread. Someone will have to bring that. It includes our households signature "Sauerkraut Stuffed Turkey". You can find all the recipes here. Let me know what I'm missing!?

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    Ya Sure Broccoli Salad

    This is a must have for all of our family gatherings!
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    Redder than Red Cranberries

    Even if nobody eats these they add great color to the table!
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    Best Mashed Potatoes Ever

    That's right...BEST EVER! Try this recipe and and let me know what you think!?
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    Cornbread Stuffing with Sweet Potato

    What's not to love?!
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    Best Ever Green Bean Casserole

    It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving in the mid-west without this potluck favorite.
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    Sauerkraut Turkey

    This is how it's done at our house:

    -1-Big ass turkey-I prefer to brine my turk. Stuff the bird in a bag with: -1 can of sauerkraut with juice -1 can of pineapple chunks with juice -1 sliced onion -1 stick of real butter -salt & pepper to taste Put the bag in the cooker. Put the bird in the bag. Shove the fixins' in the birds tuchus. Cook until the internal temp is +165, or less if want to see what happens to your guests in 6 to 8 hours. Hint: It ain't pleasant. Don't enjoy in moderation! Eat!!!