I was reading a story today on how the rest of the world enjoys much more vacation time than Americans do.

People living in countries like Brazil and Australia; get to enjoy a month of vacation every year, while people in France get away for five weeks each year--nine weeks if they're government workers.

Conversely, Americans average just a measly two weeks off annually.

The article went on to say that many Americans don't even use all of their vacation time because they are either, too busy, fear they might lose their jobs while on vacation or are worried they would appear lazy in the eyes of fellow co-workers and managers if they used all the vacation time they have accrued throughout the year.

I have to admit that I definitely fall into that category.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I take very little time off. I get 4-weeks of vacation time each year here at the radio station. Of those 4-weeks, I probably average 3 or 4 days off annually.  My co-workers think I'm nuttier than squirrel turds, you probably do too?

I've even had fellow co-workers offer to buy my unused vacation time from me. Hey, believe me, I wish I could sell it! Wonder what the "blue book" value on my vacation time is right about now. Hmm?

I know, you're probably wondering, so what's the deal, why don't you take more time off, moron?

Well, there are a few reasons. I have a job that requires me to wear a number of different hats each day, like many other Americans.

Secondly, each time I have taken an extended period of time off, it always seems like it takes me about 2 weeks to get caught back up once I return. It feels like you need another vacation to recover from the vacation you just finished! Know what I mean?

But most importantly, I really do love my job that much. Seriously! It's a blast being able to come in here each day and do what I get to do. I’m blessed! It sure beats having to work for a living!

So, I guess I'll just continue to be another one of those crazy Americans that keeps burning the candle at both ends, grinding away with little time off. Call me crazy, but it works for me!