We've all seen someone or maybe even know someone that has a "trophy wife."

There's definitely guys out there with trophy wives, let's face it, 19-year-old supermodel types usually don't marry 62-year-old bald, big gutted men for their dashing looks, and quick witted personalities. There's generally money involved, typically LOTS of money.

But wait, here comes a study out of the University of Notre Dame that claims trophy wives are generally considered to be a myth. They might happen in a few rare cases, but in almost every marriage, the two people that decided to walk down the aisle together made that decision based on the same level of attractiveness they share for each other.

Researchers found things that predict whether two people will get married are how similar they are in attractiveness, education, race, and religion.

So basically most people end up marrying their equal in those different categories.

The women we think are trophy wives are simply just attractive, successful ladies who are married to equally attractive, successful men according to the researchers.

Try and keep that in mind the next time you see Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick or Melania and Donald Trump together.

The study showed on average, high-status men do have better looking wives, but that's due to the fact that they are considered to be better looking themselves.

I still insist in a great majority of these relationships, the real reason why the hottie is with the older guy, is due to his better looking bank account.