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Now wait just a minute, I find this very hard to believe. There's research out now that says "Waiting in Line is Good For You!"

I realize patience is a virtue and all that, but come on, who are they trying to kid.

Supposedly waiting in line for something makes you place a higher value on what you're waiting for. You will appreciate the experience or item all that much more, giving you a good feeling.

Then, you use that good feeling to justify the time you spent in line, which helps make you a more patient person overall.

So if I understand this correctly, let's say I'm in line at the Sioux Empire Fair to ride The Zipper. If I wait in line for over an hour, that means I'll enjoy the ride much more than if I had just walked right up and was able to get on immediately? Huh?

Does the same logic apply if I wait in line for 15 minutes at lunch time to get a burrito? Will it really taste any better?

Let's say I have to wait in line for 30 minutes to use the restroom during a crowded Katy Perry concert. Am I to believe that I should walk away from that experience thinking it was the best pee I've ever taken in my entire life?

Or better yet, how about if my wife somehow talks me into camping out with her for 24 hours in the parking lot of a department store on Black Friday to get a $15.00 toaster.

If all this research is true, that $15.00 toaster that I waited 24 hours in line for on a freezing cold November night, should in theory make the best frozen waffle I've ever tasted right? Yeah, sure...if you say so!

Source: Daily Mail