If you have a big first date coming up in your future sometime soon, here a few first date red flags to watch out for in the other person courtesy of eHarmony. If you spot one or more of these early warning signs, you may want to put the kibosh on plans for a second date.

  • The person is pessimistic: If they seem to constantly complain and describe everything as "the worst," then you can expect that kind of attitude to be directed at you eventually.
  • Every time you tell a story, they try and top it: That's a sign the person is competitive, which is a good thing. But that type of behavior might also be a sign they're overly competitive, which could mean they're insecure. And they might not end up being very supportive in a relationship, always looking to have the upper hand.
  • They mention their ex more than once: One time no big deal. Multiple times, usually means they're not over the person yet. Could be a problem down the road possibly.
  • They check their phone more than twice during dinner: That could be a sign they're nervous, or it could mean they're not interested in what you're saying. Either way, it might mean you're not hitting it off.
  • They drink too much: Once again it could mean the person is nervous. Or it might be a clear indicator they have a drinking problem. Most because should be able to dial it down on a first date and avoid getting smashed.