Pink's new song is one of my favorite Pink songs.  "True Love" is about her relationship with her husband, motocross racer, Carey Hart.  They've been married since 2006, but have had their ups and downs, even separating for 2 years.  They never divorced because according to Pink, "the paperwork is too complicated."  Thank goodness they didn't call it quits, because they are the cutest couple with the most adorable child.  Willow Sage was born in 2011.

I have never seen Pink in concert, but it is one more goal I need to add to my bucket list. Pink is currently on tour in Australia, but returns to the States in October.  Click here for tour dates.

Check out the video to "True Love."  It could possibly be the cutest Pink video, EVER.  It features her hubby, Carey Hart and her daughter, Willow.   Be warned, this is NOT the clean edit.  You may not want to watch this at work.



Click here to buy Pink's album "The Truth About Love."