There's been a quite a bit of talk lately about sinkholes.  The picture above is of a sinkhole in China.  Yep, houses and entire buildings have been falling into them.  And lately people have been falling into them.  A golfer in Illinois recently fell 18 feet into a sinkhole while out golfing.

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It makes you wonder.  The earth is always changing right? Shifting and settling and in some cases possibly eroding right below our feet.  I think it's a phenomenon that will be heard of more and more.  One of the places I wonder if we'll be hearing more about when it comes to sinkholes is the region of North Dakota where they're doing oil work.

When I was growing up I remember hearing about sinkholes out in pastures and in lake beds.  You can bet there is a lot going on 'under what we see.'

If nothing else it's maybe a good idea to walk around with that GPS mode switched to on with your smartphone.  At least they'll be able to find you if you fall into a 'sinkhole.'