The wettest June on record in Sioux Falls has put the city’s infrastructure to the test as more rain pelted the area.  

Sioux Falls Public Works Director Mark Cotter says getting 2 inches of rain over less than an hour is going to cause problems.  “Any time this amount of rain comes in such a short time, that’s just a lot of overland flow and any of the roads or intersections can get really deep fast.  Most of those areas are naturally draining out.  Where they are not we are mobilizing pumps to try to move that storm water faster.”

Cotter says the area in the industrial park off Russell Street is one of those where pumping needs to take place.  Public works will try to channel that water toward Covell Lake.  Sioux Falls has received over 12 inches of rain since June 1st.

Also if you do encounter a manhole cover that is displaced by storm water, contact Public Works at 367-8255.